Recreating Iconic Outfits to Celebrate FRIENDS 26th Anniversary

The One With The Iconic Outfits. ☕️

Could we be bigger fans? We know!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 26 years since one of the most beloved (albeit controversial) sitcom shows first aired. It’s been such an enthralling experience to watch all ten iconic seasons, rewatch it, and then rewatch it yet again as we grow through our various phases of life–all while loving it the same way we did the first time. Kung may forever man, we’re sure it’s with Friends. Charot!

We’ve honestly been keeping it on loop since we first sat down to watch it all those years ago, most times as a pleasant background noise to fill the room with its unique sense of comfort and familiarity. Its had quite the impact on many aspects of our lives–from it’s witty humor to its snappy one-liners to its relatable showcase of life experiences and character troupes. While we do admit that many jokes in Friends definitely did not age well, we simply cannot deny how it basically created its own era in the 90s, solidifying itself as a classic amongst our peers.

Obviously, being the kikay gals that we are, one of the biggest influences the show has had on us were the classic styles and trends. They 👏 served 👏 and 👏 slayed in every episode, every season, every time! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just passing by, you can’t deny that Friends had lent a hand in shaping many of our wardrobes, influencing our style decisions on more than one occasion.

Being in our twenties, the distinctive theme song now seems to be our own life’s soundtrack (how apt 🙃). So even if our job’s a joke, we’re broke, and it feels like we’re stuck in second gear, we’ve come out to celebrate this year’s anniversary of Friends by rounding up a few of our favorite ‘fits from the show and recreating them.

Check them out below! 🛋

Chandler Bing has been such a loveable bean since the pilot episode, resonating within us the sarcasm that complements his misunderstood personality. Something we all relate heavily with. This outfit from Season 2 (The One With Five Steaks and An Eggplant) is such peak casual 90s style that anyone can wear it–regardless of gender and era! Hello? It’s been more than two decades and we’re still sporting this on our days off.

And why not? It’s so versatile and easy to wear, whether you’re popping into your fave local version of Central Perk or running grocery errands, throwing on some cuffed straight cut jeans and a comfy oversized shirt is easy as 1-2-3!

This recreated outfit is Jazz’s go-to when she’s off doing menial things–but in style. This is also honestly reminiscent of her dad’s and titos’ style during their university heydays–with the white sneakers, cuffed up jeans, and rolled up tees, as they strolled into campus feeling like the hottest boys on the street. 😎

Bow down to the resident kween of 90s fashion: Rachel Karen Green. Undoubtedly, she obviously wore the sartorial crown for our favorite sitcom barkada with her never ending trendy and au courant wardrobe. It’s definitely no surprise that Rachel’s outfits are still relevant and easy to draw fashionable inspiration from, even 26 years down the road.

Whether you’re chasing down a monkey through New York or heading to SM Mall of Asia, there’s no way in hell that this look wouldn’t turn heads. While Rachel’s wardrobe is an endless well of incredible looks that we could only dream of owning, we love this outfit in particular for its vintage yet classic appeal that would give schoolgirls a run for their money. With styles reminiscent of Cher from Clueless (another one of our all-time favorite style icons), how could we possibly ignore the call of a gorgeous plaid skirt paired with knee high socks?

Rachel may be getting coffee while the love of her life is off with someone else (eh, same naman tbh), but at least she knew she was doing it très chic! Rachel is definitely the 90s OG queen of style, and the crop-tied button down is but one of her many blessings that we have been living for since seeing the show and upon accepting that button downs as a versatile wardrobe staple.

This particular outfit of Rachel reminds us how important a button down is in anyone’s style rotation. Whether we’re going on a coffee run or turning up to work for the day or running errands, a short sleeved button down can be easily dressed up or dressed down. Throw on some chunky oxford shoes and you’ve got yourself giving off the vibe that we raided a vintage baùl (aka our parents’) with this take on a retro knotted top.

Julia is, without a doubt, the biggest sucker for leather that we know of. When asked to do this shoot, she raised two pairs of leather pants in utter excitement, overjoyed with the thought of finally being able to wear such heat-inducing bottoms regardless of the fact that the Philippine heat would (and had) enveloped her legs in a layer of sweat akin to Ross‘ iconic yet pitiful leather situation. Who could forget his feeble cries for help in his date’s bathroom as he smacks his own head with a fistful of powder? We would never forget. As one of the most memorable comedic moments of the series, we just couldn’t let this article pass without paying tribute (condolences to your pants, Ross)!

Rachel’s the go-to style icon for working out how to make overalls stylish and relevant all the dang time. Her character evolution from spoiled little rich girl to an independent woman of the city had seeped in and evolved her style as well. This was perfectly showcased when she finally resolved herself to return the engagement ring from Barry, finally closing that chapter of her life. While her offbeat coats and dripping-in-dollars ensembles from her previous life have us swooning, we’re two girls who know how to dial down the fashion and lounge back in something more casual and practical.

Overalls are such a practical ‘fit that it’s basically one whole ensemble on its own. The challenge of a dungaree or an overall is styling it so that we’re looking less corn field farmer chic and more relaxed and casual feel. TBH, Rachel’s also partly why at least 30% of Jazz’s wardrobe is made up of overalls. Could you blame a girl?

How YOU doin’? Ever since the pilot episode of this series, Joey Tribbiani has been rocking it out in gorgeous leather jackets and slicked back hair, reminiscent of a 90s James Dean (not the porn star) that had all of us swooning all the way down to the floor. While he has been seen donning a leather jacket on multiple occasions, this look in particular stuck to us for the ridiculousness that the episode it was in presented: Joey hiring a twin to be able to pass for a scientific study for cash yet failing miserably, delivering instead the iconic line in the most hilariously distraught yell, “Pizza! We. Like. PIZZA!”

Although we did make minor tweaks by trading pants in for a mini skirt to add more dimension (aka legs) to an outfit drowned in black, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to layer up a turtleneck under a sleek leather jacket to live our Danny Zuko-esque fantasies. We even added a purse–just a little call-back to Joey’s perfectly stylish man-purse (don’t listen to Chandler; boys can have bags, too!).

This casual but cool ensemble of ripped mom jeans and red tank top is an iconic outfit donned by Monica Geller has us obsessed. This outfit made its appearance during The One With The Flashback where Monica meets Chandler’s future roommate Joey. During the early seasons of the show, Monica’s go-to ensemble usually consists of mom jeans to showcase her cool but put-together style while obviously countering her usual intense personality.

We’re constantly taking cues and drawing inspiration from this hit 90s sitcom show in terms of style and fashion that this iconic outfit was so easy to put together and pull from Jazz’s closet (because she had it handy).

Who could ever let this iconic Friends moment go down the drain? Epic humor and petty fights is what we all live for, so it was such a no-brainer that we would be recreating Joey’s overly layered ensemble–donning all of Chandler’s clothes to piss him off for stealing his chair. Would we do it to each other in the name of spite? Damn right, we would.

We honestly could not stop laughing as we wiggled into the layers that we borrowed from our brothers, fighting the giggles very hard to take these photos and then some. This is just another prime example of what kalokohan we get up to when left alone together for more than five seconds.

If you loved the looks, we’d love to hear back from you! Or, if ever you’d like to recreate a Friends look with us, hit us up on the comments section or slide into our DMs over on Instagram.

As usual: slay safe, stay cute, loves! 😘

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